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Your Family Members are Important to Us.

We are on duty 24 hours a day for the health of your family members.

What services do we offer?

We are a full-service veterinary hospital offering a variety of services for cats, dogs, and pocket pets! We are proud to offer compassionate care at affordable prices.

Spay and neuter surgeries

The thought of your pet having surgery may seem scary, we’re here to assure you that spays and neuters are common surgeries that are safe, simple, and generally quick.

In house laboratory

The thought of your pet having surgery may seem scary, we’re here to assure you that spays and neuters are common surgeries that are safe, simple, and generally quick.

Pet Dental Care

We can provide instant results on most bloodwork, heartworm testing, and fecal testing, allowing us to begin treating your pet’s ailments as quickly as possible.

Pet Allergy & Dermatology

Pets can struggle with dermatological issues the same way people can. It’s common for the issues to cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms that range from minor itching and discomfort to outright pain.


Digital radiology is the new conventional film x-ray. Digital x-rays allow us to better diagnose and treat sick and injured pets by providing us with high-quality imaging results and reducing overall radiation exposure.

Pet Grooming

In addition to helping your pet live a long, healthy life, we want them to look and feel their best. That’s why we offer grooming for cats and dogs.

We're committed to our patients and the people who love them.

Whether your pet needs a simple wellness exam, a complex surgical procedure, or one of our many other service offerings, they’ll certainly receive quality veterinary care at our hospital. In addition to that, we seek to promote responsible pet ownership through both preventive care and opportunities for client education. We also take pride in our work with local rescues to provide the needed veterinary care for rescue pets and do our best to help them find their forever homes.

What do our patients say?

You can see the comments and scores of our patients.

  •   Had a wonderful experience with the staff and Doctor, I felt safe and happy that I could go in with my pup, and they got me in very quickly! My dog is very anxious and they were very understanding. Everyone was friendly and calm in a situation I'm usually nervous about. Thank you golden oaks!

    thumb Madison W.
  •   When I took my new puppy in for her puppy shots I was very impressed with the back office assistants and especially Dr Lanini but I cannot get past the office help.  I've called a few times and I don't know if they are too busy or what.  I recently called about my puppy throwing up and possible plastic my have been swallowed.  She acted like she couldn't be bothered, couldn't get an appt for 1 1/2 weeks and take her to the emergency hospital!!  It was not an emergency that I was willing to pay 10x the cost so I guess I'll be looking for a new vet unfortunately!  Not waiting 1 1/2 weeks!!!

    thumb Joanne K.
  •   I have lived in Alta Loma/Rancho Cucamonga for 30 years.  I have bred Schnauzers and West Highland Terriers during that time, there for I have been to several veterinarians in the city.

    A friend referred me to Golden Oaks on Archibald.  This is the very BEST vet around and reasonably priced.  My 2 female Westies had severe skin issues.  I asked the doctor to prescribe the medication regime I found on the Westie rescue site.  She listened to my concerns and was happy to comply.  Both of my girls are healing well.

    BEST VET in RANCHO!!!!!!

    thumb Pamela O.
  •   I love Golden Oaks! I have taken my dogs there for years. The dr is amazing and always spends quality time with her patients.

    thumb Rita M.
  •   Dr. Lanini is the best vet I've ever encountered in my life hands down. I had a dog that passed away about half a year ago but when she was alive Dr. Lanini must have saved her life at least 5 times. She lived 17 wonderful years! I'm so glad I found her when I did and I can't recommend enough people to her. I'm kind of shooting myself in the foot because now she is beyond busy!! But people need to know how great of a vet she is!! She is super knowledgeable and goes above and beyond. I did a bunch of research to change my dogs diet due to pancreatitis and had a whole list of brands and ingredients and she was patient enough to go over the list with me on the phone to see what was best for my dogs health. The pancreatitis was eventually resolved, I'll never forget that. Not to mention the staff is awesome, everyone is ALWAYS super nice and I've NEVER had a bad experience through the years that I've been with you all. Thank you Dr. Lanini and all the staff at Golden Oaks. I appreciate all of you.

    thumb Paul L.

Our veterinarians and care team.

Suzi Lanini, DVM, CVMMP

Chief of Staff

Jessica Buehler, DVM

Expert veterinarian

Mariah, RVT

Veterinary Technician


Veterinary Assistant

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